Scholars (students) Eligibility:

1.  Malaysian
2.  Full time student
3.  Student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
4.  Already gained acceptance into Malaysia Universities (IPTA/IPTS). Preference will be given to students from IPTA.
5.  Possess good academic result:

  1. Students who will enroll into 1st year degree program
    • SPM or equivalent – min 6As + pass all subjects. Good results in Mathematics, English, and Bahasa Malaysia.
    • STPM/ Pre-University/ Local Matriculation/ Diploma/ Foundation – min CGPA 3.00 & above.
    • MUET – min Band 4.
  2. Students currently pursuing 1st year degree program
    • SPM or equivalent – min 6As + pass all subjects. Good results in Mathematics, English, and Bahasa Malaysia.
    • STPM or equivalent – min 2As + pass all subjects.
    • MUET – min Band 4.
    • Min GPA or CGPA 3.00

6.  Actively participated in co-curriculum activities and displayed outstanding leadership qualities
7.  Strong communications skills
8.  Possess positive attitude
9.  Medically fit
10.  Have not received any other financial aid from any organization
11.  Scholars who are free from any future employment obligations
12.  Students who meet the above criteria (a to k) are welcome to apply. However, preference will be given to students from families with household income of RM5,000 per month or below.

Types of Eligible Courses

Bachelor of Degree in:
1.  Engineering (preferably in Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Manufacturing)
2.  IT
3.  Accounting
4.  Business/Management

Scholar’s Obligations:

1.  Serves a bond with company offering the scholarship for a minimum of duration sponsor.
2.  The bond will start immediately upon completion of degree course with the appointment letter given within 3 months period.
3.  Scholar will be required to work in the sponsor company or any subsidiary companies within Daikin Malaysia Group.
4.  Perform internship in the sponsor company or at any subsidiary within Daikin Malaysia Group during semester break.
5.  Scholar shall reimburse 100% of the scholarship fees should he/she resign from the company or is terminated during the period of the bond.


1.  Application form can be downloaded from

2.  Applications are open for submission now and close on 11th August 2019.

3.  For any further enquiries, please contact Ms. Kay Lee Yen Hui (603-6145 8632) or Mr. Chan Foo Keat (603-6145 8633)

4.  Applicants shall submit their application through softcopy or hardcopy.

  • (Softcopy): Submit to daikin.scholarship@daikin.com.my with all documents attached in PDF format.
  • (Hardcopy): Send the complete document to the following address:

    Attention: Ms. Kay Lee Yen Hui / Mr. Chan Foo Keat
    (Human Resources Department)
    Lot 60334, Persiaran Bukit Rahman Putra 3,
    Taman Perindustrian Bukit Rahman Putra,
    47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor D.E. Malaysia.


1.  Only shortlisted scholars will be called for interview. The shortlisted candidates will be notified 2 week after application deadline.
2.  The final selection will be based on interview results.

The Following Application Will Not Be Processed:

1.  Incomplete submission of documents.
2.  Scholars (students) who do not meet the criteria in para (1).
3.  Application received after the deadline.

Download Application Form as Below

For any further enquiries, please email to daikin.scholarship@daikin.com.my.