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Welcome to Online Tip-Off Web Page

Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Sdn. Bhd and its subsidiaries ("DAMA") are committed to a high standard of openness, integrity and accountability. To achieve these ends, it has in place internal controls and operating procedures to detect and to prevent or deter improper activities. However, even the best systems of controls cannot provide absolute safeguards against irregularities. To foster ethical behaviour by its employees, DAMA encourages its employees and others with genuine concerns about the well being of the Company to come forward and share in good faith, their knowledge of any serious misconduct or any breach of law or regulation that may adversely impact the Company (“malpractices”).

Individuals who wish to raise any concerns are recommended to address their concerns to the immediate superior of any employees of DAMA whom they know or conscientiously believe are engaged or expected to engage in any malpractices. The guiding rule is for alleged malpractices to be reported to a level of management who is believed of having no possible involvement.

Realizing there would be times when disclosures would have to be made directly to the top management of DAMA; this online tip-off web-page is made available to ensure your disclosures are assured of reaching the appropriate management level.

This tip-off web page is owned and maintained by the Internal Audit Department of DAMA. Your disclosures will be channeled to the Whistleblowing Committee for deliberation.

Every effort will be made to ensure valid and compelling disclosures are handled with due process. Towards this end, DAMA is guided by its Whistleblowing & Protection Policy.

Notice : This web page is NOT THE PROPER CHANNEL to raise grievances or complaints relating to employment matters such as job performance, terms and conditions of employment. For such matters, please approach the human resources department.