Job Opportunities

Why settle for number 2, when you can be NUMBER 1?

Daikin is an exciting place to work and our people put the cool in Cooling King. We don’t just give you a job, we give you a career. You can expect exponential professional and personal growth in a thriving environment where it’s always win-win. The only way to go from here, is up. With your ambitious drive and our passion for what we do… as they say, the sky is the limit.

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Global Exposure

Daikin is an international conglomerate with operations in every corner of the world. Thus, we have the advantage to leverage on the intellectual pool from Japan, America, Europe and Asia. Our people are from different walks of life, various nationalities and diverse backgrounds, but all working towards a common goal. You will be part of this exciting movement, much like a pixel in a photograph to complete the big picture.

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Career development

The Young Executives Program (YEP) is one such initiative. This program will groom and develop young graduates into becoming competent and independent human resources, who will one day be the backbone of the company. The right motions and mechanics are set in place to equip and be the foundation for our young leaders in their challenging future.

People-centered Management is a philosophy that Daikin takes to heart. We pride ourselves in employing the best and our people have become our greatest asset. We take great care in developing you so you can advance further and continue to push boundaries. Plant yourself here and see yourself grow through the initiatives we’ve laid out in our perpetual commitment towards learning and relearning.

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Corporate culture

Everyone in Daikin speaks the same language, regardless of our geographical location and that is the Daikin language. This translates to sharing the same core values so that everyone is on the same page. We revolve our daily business around absolute credibility, enterprising management and harmonious personal relations. With extra emphasis on safety and giving back to the society in which we operate in, we strive to be a group that continuously evolves.

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