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Daikin Malaysia (DAMA) and Daikin Research and Development Malaysia (DRDM) honoured its Chinese employees by partaking in the hype of Chinese New Year traditions this year. To begin, there was the distribution of mandarin oranges to all employees on 4th February 2016.

Mandarin oranges are synonymous with Chinese New Year celebrations and the Chinese believe that the gift of an orange is like gifting an abundance of happiness and prosperity. The bright orange colour also symbolizes gold and has the auspicious meaning to bring in good luck and wealth. Mr. Tan Yong Cheem, General Manager of Daikin Malaysia and other esteemed Head of Department members eagerly awaited employees in the lobby area to hand out these bags of gold to the smiling employees.

The celebrations continued well after the actual New Year day and on 22nd February, all employees were in for another treat when the company surprised everyone with red packets. Everyone accountable, regardless of how young or old they were in the company was eligible to receive these angpows. No prize for guessing the reason behind the smiles of each employee on that day.

And the icing on the cake was the Lion Dance performance, held in the lobby area on the evening of the same day. The traditional dance of ‘cai qing’, which literally means plucking the greens is performed to bring good luck and fortune to the business. It was an auditory and visual feast for everyone present as the lions entertained the crowd with its moves. The lions nuzzled up against Mr. Tan and other Head of Department members before making its merry way with its loud entourage to the management offices and departments to spread good fortune. The dance ended a little over an hour later, thus concluding DAMA and DRDM’s Chinese New Year celebrations.