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With a dedicated workforce such as the one that Daikin Malaysia employs, it is no wonder that the Company sales and performance targets for financial year 2015 was well achieved. As of 31st March 2016, the Company closed in with more than RM 1 million of targeted sales.

It was no easy feat to overachieve and a definite cause for celebration. A Kenduri was thrown for all employees of Daikin Malaysia and Daikin Research and Development Malaysia on 21st April 2016. Held at lunch time in the open area in between the canteens of the DAMA building, there was food aplenty. Dishes like prawn sambal, mutton curry, ayam masak madu and nasi minyak was made available, free flow for all. And to make our waists that much tighter, there was also ice cream and three different type of fruits to cleanse the palate.

Mr. Fang Yuan, Regional General Manager of Asia Oceania Emerging District was kind enough to grace us with his presence for the day. Food was served by none other than our esteemed Top Management, including COO Mr. Ooi Cheng Suan and DAMA Group General Manager Mr. Tan Yong Cheem, together with the principal leaders of the worker’s Union. For that day, the roles were reversed and it was quite a sight to see our leaders decked in floral aprons. All done in the good name of employee appreciation.

What a treat it was to be on a unified, extended lunch break. The air was light and moods were lifted while employees mingled and chatted over bites of ice cream. A gentle reminder that indeed, hard work pays.