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Daikin VRV-HS your solution to Home Central Air Conditioning

Creating the ideal bedroom environment for sleep can significantly impact sleep quality. The first steps to optimizing your bedroom include reducing lights and sounds that make it harder to fall asleep. Other changes, like adjusting a bedroom’s temperature and humidity may be less obvious, but are equally important.

Recently, under the supervision of Hideto Tanaka, a professor at Yokohama National University, Daikin tested 12 people in their 20s to 60s, six men and six women, with the first test is at room temperature of 28 degrees Celsius/ 85% humidity and the second test is at a room temperature of 28 degrees Celsius/ 60% humidity. Through a visualization verification test using thermography, it is found that the skin temperature of the hands and face of 10 out of 12 people decreased significantly in a 60% humidity environment. Hence, it is recommended to use the air conditioner in cooling mode and adjusting the room temperature to around 28 degrees especially sleeping on a tropical night. The air conditioner in Cooling mode lowers the humidity as well as the room temperature.

It is advised to use an air conditioner with humidity control such as the Daikin VRV-HS Home Central Air Conditioning system which enables users to set the target humidity to 50-60% in addition to setting the target temperature for a comfortable sleep. The Daikin VRV-HS is not only design for the bedrooms but also other areas of the house such as bathroom, closet, living and dining room as well as the kitchen.

Perfect balance of temperature, air flow and humidity in Master bedroom and bedrooms for a good sleep

In a typical residential home, the Master bedroom and the bedrooms are the occupants’ resting place where having a good sleep is vital for them to recharge their energy. Daikin 3Di and 3Di+ sleek and hidden indoor unit is specifically design for bedrooms with its Moisture Control feature to maintain a perfect balance in humidity and temperature to ensure a good sleep. Additionally, it’s Intelligent 3D Air Flow with its Dual Intelligent Sensor ensures that the air flow is non-invasive to avoid chilliness by having an even coverage to ensure optimal comfort.

Most upmarket residential homes come with a built-in closet in the bedrooms. Daikin’s Closet air conditioning allows Auto Moisture Control mode to prevent clothes in in the closet from mold invasion. This keeps the clothes fresh and without any musky odour. Daikin’s Closet air conditioning is a Ceiling Mounted Cassette where space can be fully utilized efficiently.

Apart from that, modern homes come with attached bathrooms in their bedrooms for the convenience of the house occupants. Hence ventilation is vital to keep the air circulated to prevent unpleasant odour. To achieve a properly ventilated bathroom, Daikin’s VRV-HS Bathroom Air Conditioning comes with the Ventilating Moisture Control that helps to discharge odour effectively and a dry mode to prevent fungus growth and allows 6kg of clothes to be dried in 2.5 hours.

Occupants are guaranteed to enjoy a comfortable sleep with Daikin VRV-HS Home Central Air Conditioning when they install the 3D, 3Di+, Closet and Bathroom to control the overall temperature and humidity in their bedroom.

Moisture control in the Kitchen

Another area in the house that is prone to high humidity is the kitchen. The kitchen is especially prone to dampness and moisture, due to kitchen sinks, refrigerators, and other sources of moisture. Daikin’s VRV-HS Kitchen Air Conditioning comes with Moisture Control with its Dry and Mold Proof Function to ensure enhance oil resistance and prolong unit life-span. It’s Ceiling Mounted Cassette is easy to assemble and re-assemble, making cleaning a breeze to remove oil and grease.

Outstanding performance from extensive R&D

With Daikin’s intensive Research and Development (R&D), Daikin VRV-HS Home Central Air Conditioning system’s ability to deliver outstanding performance due to its incorporation of 5 advance technologies which are:

  1. 3-pipe technology

Daikin utilizes the 3-pipe connection in the outdoor unit, with an extra “High and Low Pressure Gas Pipe”. With this technology, two circuits are formed to achieve better temperature and humidity control.

  1. Balancing temperature and humidity

When the air moisture drops by 10%, the heat index drops by 1-2°C. The heat index is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature. This has important considerations for the human body’s comfort.

  1. Dual Heat Exchanger technology

Electronic expansion valve is equipped in heat exchanger to monitor refrigerant flow for precise temperature and humidity adjustment.

  1. Quiet fan technology

The VRV-HS compressor is designed for quiet operation and enhance air flow by up to 31%. The Aero Smooth Grill reduces turbulence via a deflector equipped in intake-end in order to achieve an effective noise control. The V-Cut Aero Sprial fan is inspired by the natural shape of the bird’s wing is optimizes the blade design for better operating performance

  1. Brand new DC Inverter Scroll Compressor

Daikin’s new DC Inverter Scroll Compressor has the High-Low Pressure Separator that effectively reduces the impact of high-temperature exhaust refrigerant at suction. This avoids inefficient thermal expansion before the refrigerant enters the compression chamber, ensuring compression efficiency. The new scroll compressor also has a high-precision scroll compression chamber that improves compression efficiency effectively through a number of integrated patent applications. The reluctance DC motor stator with its rotary vibration suppression strengthens stator rigidity and reduces magnetic field loss.

Daikin is your perfect choice

With over 90 production bases around the world, Daikin is able to design and deliver high quality products that are sold in over 150 countries. It’s strong R&D and material chain ensure excellent support rendered to consumers in creating full control over the four elements of air including temperature, humidity, airflow and cleanliness. This is how Daikin earned its reputation for excellence as an Air Specialist.

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