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We are One Happy Family!

Family ; it’s not necessarily about whose blood you have, or who you’re forced to spend the holidays with. It’s about people you love and they love you back. Here in Daikin, we care about our people and we practice harmonious personal relation.

As great way of saying thank you for the hard work staff have put through the year, and also to foster the unity and understanding among staff members and between their families, Daikin Malaysia & Daikin Research & Development Malaysia has organized family day on 18th November 2017 at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. There were total of 2636 participants including all the spouse and kids enliven the event.

Staff are given the chance to bring their family along for the day, and whilst there, they enjoy fun activities and socializing with family members and others. Everyone is more emotionally connected with each other and this activity strengthens the family bond.

We also believed, family time builds confidence, teaches us about interacting with others, and creates wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

When we say no family left behind, we mean no one left behind!