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Not all donations are in the form of money. The most precious donation can be done by donating your organ and save the lives of others. Are you one of the donors?

The number of patients who need organ transplants is increasing from year to year, but the number of pledgers who want to donate is very low. Donor rate in Malaysia was 1 donor per 1 million citizens! One of the lowest in the world.

There are two types of organ donations, Deceased Donation: who have died from a number of causes, including accidents, heart attacks, and strokes but still have organs or tissues that are in good condition and suitable for donation. The other one, Living Donation: donors of kidney, liver, lung, intestine or pancreas. Mostly, living donation is limited to close blood relatives or those who are in an emotional relationship with the recipient (husband or wife).

In response to this issue, in conjunction with World Health Day, Human Resources Department have held an Organ Donation campaign on 17th & 18th April, expecting more donors and at the same time, to create awareness to all staffs on the importance of donating. A total of 75 staff attended the talk from National Transplant Resources Centre by En Mohd Nazar Ibrahim, Senior Assistant Officer of Islamic Affairs, Hospital Kuala Lumpur and 49 had registered as donor (48% Malay, 37.3% Chinese and 14.7% Indian). All donors received button badges and had the opportunity to receive a lucky draw as appreciation to their support for the campaign.

Organ donation is basically an uncomplicated way of pledging to save lives and it costs you nothing to do it! Let’s donate and be a Superhero!