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25 participants groomed to be future Daikin Leaders in Young Leaders Program (YLP) 2023 Session 2

Kuala Lumpur, October 11th 2023 – Daikin Academy conducted the Young Leaders Program (YLP) 2023 Session 2 on 10th – 11th October 2023 with 25 participants from various departments. The YLP is a unique opportunity for young leaders to develop and sharpen their leadership skills, to further understand Daikin’s values and culture through People-Centered Management (PCM) philosophy, building a cohesive team spirit and to instill a fresh and energetic outlook into the working organization. The YLP is initiated by Daikin Academy and it is aimed at developing high potential managers or senior executives and bringing them to a pedestal where they can be future leaders. During the two-day program, participants generally enjoyed and were inspired by the Senior Management and Young Talents sharing sessions, acknowledged their hardships and challenges that they have been through as a Leader. Participants have also reinforced their learning on PCM philosophy to showcase their leadership through group activities on Day 2.

Participants are divided into groups and are given the task to present on selected topics to evaluate their critical thinking abilities and how much they have learned. The group are required to undergo a project interim presentation where participants received constructive comments from the Management panel which are Mr Fang Yuan (DAMA Group Chairman), Mr Cowen Hoo (General Manager from DEDM), Mr Mitsuo Honda (Senior Vice President/Director, Manufacturing) and Mr Sum Chee Choong (Vice President, Sales & Marketing). In the closing speech to all participants, Mr. Fang Yuan expressed his excitement after listening to all presentations and is looking forward to seeing all projects to be implemented which will bring fresh ideas and processes to the ever-changing and competitive landscape of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. The final session of YLP will be conducted in January 2024.